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Social Brand Markeitng

We will create an industry specific website custom tailored for your needs and goals. All our websites are responsive and mobile ready.

We also offer copywriting and photography services if you don't have content for your website.

Targeted Marketing

Our creative designers will work with you to help you get a brand that's ready for the world.

Let your logo set you apart.

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Training & Development classes to help you and your sales team increase profits

  • Training & Development
  • Planning and Forecasting

Concept Marketing

Social and Search Engine Lead Generation as well as custom optimsed landing pages to derive results

Targetted social brand marketing as well as creative concept marketing.

What is digital marketing

The benefits of a social media marketing strategy

Most of you will already know the benefits of social media marketing. It leads to better connections with your target audience, more engagement, and extra traffic. But what are the advantages of a social media marketing strategy?

In simple terms, a social media marketing strategy identifies how your organisation should use social media to achieve its goals for external communication. Your plan will outline the platforms you need to use, the objectives you’re aiming for, and the techniques you want to address. When done correctly, a social media marketing strategy can:

  1. Drive crucial traffic
  2. Help you build the right relationships
  3. Maintain brand image
  4. Outshine your competitors
  5. Improve ROI

Key steps to a social media marketing strategy

So, you know why building a social media marketing strategy is important. Now you need to figure out how you can design the right plan for your business.

As with most things in the world of marketing, you’ll find that your social media marketing strategy begins with a good understanding of your goals and objectives. These objectives will help you to measure the outcome of your social strategies, and improve ROI. Make sure that your goals align with your broader marketing strategy, so that your social media behaviour drives your business closer to its overall definition of success.

Other key steps to follow when building a social media marketing strategy include:

  1. Characterising your customers
  2. Considering the competition
  3. Developing your message
  4. Choosing channels
  5. Creating a calendar
  6. Testing and improving your social media marketing plan

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Digital Marketing Pricing


INR 25,000+ / mo

  • Content creation worth 18,000
  • Boost worth 7,000+
  • Digital marketing campaign
  • Ensured reach
  • Support

INR 55,000+ / mo

  • Content creation worth 40,000
  • Boost worth 15,000+
  • Digital marketing that mirrors offline campaigns
  • Original Photography
  • Premium Support

INR 1 Lakh+ / mo

  • Custom campaign according to your needs
  • Our executive will tailor a plan according to your needs and goals
  • Infiniti Ads included
  • Video Creation
  • Premium Support
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