Our story

There is an art to our math

What drives us

Our mission is to drive profitable consumer action through the amplification of messages and influencing of target audience behaviour in Digital World.

With onset of expertise in Real Estate Marketing and Sales, we are confident in expanding and leaving our bold foot marks across industries.

With consumers moving adeptly between platforms, devices and channels, we understand how to win the fight for the consumer’s attention. Four Lemon integrates Digital Marketing so brands can be discoverable throughout the consumer lifecycle.


Prakash Tyagi

Prakash manages business developement and growth. Bringing in immense industry experience from 12+ years of experience in implementing successful media and digital ad execution strategies. He has an MBA from Coventry University UK.

Distinguished background in recruiting and developing "A Level Players" to drive revenue across multiple sales organizations. Photography enthusiast.


Tech and Product

Akshay handles the math at Four Lemon. He went to Delhi Technological University for Computer Science engineering but ended up dropping out to focus oh his previous startup. He has been iterating on the next big thing ever since.

He previously ran a full stack clothing company and did everything from selecting the thread to running performance marketing campaigns for the digital storefront. He also enjoys writing and is interested in public policy.

Creative Head
Also runs Augen Mediaworks succesfully

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry. Skilled in Java, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and Content Development. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Information Technology from Nirma Institute Of Technology.

Handles the art at Four Lemon.

Meet Our Team

Pulling form a diverse set of designers, engineers and data sceintists.